Farewell Yamaha RC’s

I sold these drums this week. Off to Adelaide to a nice bloke named Luke. They were pretty rough when I brought them home :

Yamaha RC

But they leave in much better shape:

Yamaha RC after restoration

This was an interesting kit. One of my mates Dave Egan told me about them. They were for sale in The Drum and Percussion Co-Op in Sydney. When I went to look, I thought they were a bit worn out. Turns out they were ex-hire drums from Sydney’s famous Sound Level rehearsal studios. There were actually two kits, one in a Steve Gadd type layup – 10/12/14/16/22 in deep shell sizes and the other which was 12/13/16/22 in standard depths. These were very early 9000 series shells. Two drums had RA badges and two had RC’s. The serial numbers I got from this site put them at 1982 and 1984.

I took them completely apart and cleaned the shells and hardware. It was a marathon job. They were filthy. All the heads were wrecked. However the Yamaha hardware did not disappoint and there wasn’t a single issue that wasn’t solved with polish and lubrication. The bass drum hoops were another story. They had valleys in them from all the kick pedals over the years.

RC bass drum