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Yamaha RC/RA restoration.

After a tip from friend Dave Egan, I bought this kit from The Drum and Percussion Co-Op in Sydney. Turns out they were ex-hire drums from Sydney’s famous Sound Level rehearsal studios. There were actually two kits, one in a Steve Gadd type layup – 10/12/14/16/22 in deep shell sizes; and the other which was 12/13/16/22 in standard depths. These were very early 9000 series shells. Two drums had RA badges and two had RC’s. The serial number information which I got from this site put them at 1982 and 1984.

Cleaning them up was a marathon job. They were filthy and all the heads were wrecked. However the Yamaha hardware did not disappoint and there wasn’t a single issue that wasn’t solved with polish and lubrication. The bass drum hoops were another story. They had valleys in them from all the kick pedals over the years. I filled the rear hoop many times before it could be was sprayed.

This kit sounded great and really got me interested in birch drums.


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